Welcome to A to Z Consultants!

We at A to Z Consultants are well organized providing consultations and assistance for procuring proper and complete legal services (Criminal, Civil and Individual Rights) all over India from High courts to Supreme Court by hiring quality counsels at your cost.

Investigation of all types, Private Counselling, Banking and Financial disputes, Matrimonial disputes, Hindu succession matters, problem of corporate affairs, Recoveries of all types and protection from from illegal threats...etc

If you would like to get more information please drop an e-mail to us and we will be at your service shortly, however we solicit only needy clients.

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Our Clients

  • A to Z Consultants offers services to various clientele.

  • Individuals.

  • House wives.

  • Married Daughters.

  • HNI's.

  • IT/Telecom/Education/Hospitality sectors.

  • Retail traders/merchants.

  • Corporate sector.

Service Offerings !

We offer various consultations and assistance to all individuals.

Proper Legal Advisory Services

We can give you complete effective solution, strategic guidance with nominal fees & provide best Advocates for your case who will deal with your case properly & effectively. We can take you to proper legal forum, proper guidance to police department, bureaucracy, ministry, Corporator, member of parliament or legislative assembly to resolve your issue smoothly.

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Married Daughters Equal Right to Property

In theory, in the ancient times, the woman could hold property but in practice, in comparison to menís holding, her right to dispose of the property was qualified, the latter considered by the patriarchal set up as necessary, lest she became too-independent and neglect her marital duties and the management of household affairs.

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Matrimonial Disputes and Right to Maintenance

India a vibrant diverse country accepts personal laws of its citizen. Every citizen of India is entitled to have his own personal laws inter alia in the matter of marriage and divorce. Matrimonial disputes include issues related to child custody as well as child protection law, ancillary/ financial property where either spouse is in India or has assets in India.

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Financial Recoveries and Crisis Management

There are various private Individuals, HNIís who provided huge sum of monies to various individuals and organizations by way of goods supply, temporary and long term loans to many traders, individuals with or without collaterals. Some errant companies, individuals, traders does not want to pay them deliberately, we help the affected to recover them under Indian laws.

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Banking & Financial Disputes

Post liberalization in India and after opening up of various banking products like credit cards, vehicle loans, home loans, personal finance and various financial schemes provided by various PSU, Private sector banks and NBFCís and post 2008 worldwide recession and extension of Euro zone failures, affects of US slow down, Indiaís GDP slowdown 2011.
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High Profile Work

Many companies, HNI's does not have dedicated proper experienced, reliable, honest persons to get their high profile work done throughout India related to bureaucracy, political, government and non government organizations and here we can make them achieve their goal effectively at reasonable costs under the law.
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